We Wear Our Client’s Shoes Every Day / by Kim Miyade

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“Put yourself in their shoes” means much more than showing empathy.  It signifies placing yourself in another’s situation and circumstances to better understand them.  With every step taken in our client’s shoes, A Consortium creates a roadmap that builds their brands and businesses.

From the word “go”, A Team runs infinite miles in each company’s shoes, starting with assessing marketing objectives, developing SWOT analyses and defining differentiation points, on to drafting benefits language, determining strategic marketing initiatives and creating communications tools.  At each stage of implementation, we keep one foot, more often multiple feet, firmly planted in our client’s footwear. 

This depth of absorption forms the backbone of our prolific and enduring client relationships.  Because A Consortium is hyper-tuned to their needs, we always tend to over deliver.  But, we’re okay with that.  Our involvement goes so deep, it’s often easy to forget we’re not part of the company’s ownership.

In fact, we spend so much time wearing our client’s shoes, we neglect our own marketing needs, just like in the old “Cobbler’s Shoes” story.

And this footgear fetish isn’t only focused on our clients, but extends to their customers as well. A Team will try on any style, from high tops to high heels, so we can learn who their audiences really are and what motivates them.

Marching to a client’s drum equates to holding their best interests to heart. You could say it’s the “sole” of our marketing methodology. Whether a company’s shod in work boots, flip flops, cleats, loafers, wing tips, sandals or slippers, if the shoes fit (and they will), A Consortium will happily wear them.