Small but MIGHTY

And damn proud of it. Since 1985, we’ve stayed true to our origional consortium concept with a streamlined core of pros. Way Ahead of its time, A Consortium was one of the original Alternative Anti-Agencies, purposefully designed to Allow small to medium clients Access to the same A-list talent and Anomalous services as mega marketers, yet at much more Affordable rates.

A Team’s core leadership are some of the most Ambidextrous, Agile, Assertive, Adroit, Avant-garde, yet Approachable individuals Around, who work Arduously, think Alternatively, and deliver "bang services" on a "buck budget."



AKA: The Queen Bee (boss lady)

Strengths: quantitative research & data, "traditional" marketing, negotiation, adaptation, event planning, making the impossible happen

Favorite Drink: champagne mimosa with grapefruit juice

Favorite Book/Movie/Music: ...I like everything, that's my problem

3 Wishes From Genie: Heath & happiness for everyone // Photographic memory // Eat anything and never gain weight // No need for sleep (I'm banking on the fact that I can negotiate an extra wish)

In My Own Words: "I'm told I have an insatiable lust for life & overabundance of energy. I've also been accused of being ADD, but I'm not...blame it on my appetite for life!"
kim crown.jpg


AKA: The International Liaison (captain creative)

Strengths: qualitative research & data, "non-traditional" marketing, design, writing, global communication, solving any problem

Favorite Drink: Ketel One martini with St-Germain & a lemon twist

Favorite Book/Movie/Music: Lolita // The Darjeeling Limited & Superbad (tie) // anything from the Middle East

3 Wishes From Genie: Fluency in all languages // Ability to teleport // 100 more wishes   

In My Own Words: "I like eating sweets and wish there really was a Hogwart's School for Magic."

Fehbe Meza


AKA: The Tenacious Trendsetter

Strengths: "millennial" marketing, design, writing,  tracking down information (and people), Google AdWords Certified

Favorite Drink:  Moscow Mule

Favorite Book/Movie/Music: The Little Prince // Mean Girls // Lana del Rey is on repeat every day

3 Wishes From Genie: Unlimited Clothing Stipend //Ability to read minds  // A sarcastic personal genie    

In My Own Words: "Love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye."